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This blog entry is about wine and food, obviously, but specifically written to tell you to have dessert with dinner, and to also not be afraid to bust out wine alongside it! I've provided a stunning dessert recipe (that requires little to no baking talent) that will give your dinner a lingering yet fresh ending and a great wine pairing. Dessert and wine - both delicious topics and I'd love to touch on both. Dining at home these days is a bit different than previous months/years (for most), but regardless of world events, it's different for everyone and there are a lot of common practices. Common ones being: a

When discussing American wine, it’s inevitable that images of the majestic Pacific Northwest coast spring to mind.  Landscapes of rolling valley vineyards cradled in the lush embrace of a mountain range are synonymous with a glass of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.  This immediate association is certainly fair considering that California produces 90% of all wine in the United States though all 50 states in the union produce wine and grow grapes.  In a state known for its cowboys, cotton fields, big oil and free roaming cattle, grape growing (or winegrowing) is frequently overlooked as a cornerstone of Texas agriculture and agricultural history.

There is no question that our world has changed, seemingly overnight, and we've decided to blog as a way to show our guests what our world in the vineyard and winery looks like. Think of this as a bit of escapism from the nonstop news feed of social media. Our team has spent the majority of March and April planting vines, adding no less than 50k vines to our estate properties. As a 'Wine Collective', we have a unique model. A model with the mission of helping talented vintners produce wines that we think elevate the quality of the Texas wine industry as a whole.